It’s Time for a Change

We spent $450,000 on a new building

Where did all of this money go?


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The Financial Waste

Money being Wasted

The Massasoit Gun Club’s Executive Committee spent over $450,000 on a new “rifle” range, which is actually just a bunch of storage containers and a half-finished roof.  Where did all of our money go?

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Lead and Ventilation Issues

A large number of our members have very high lead levels.  The Executive Committee has promised to address this issue, but what have they really done?

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Jack Falcone Emails


A mysterious person who goes by the name Jack Falcone has been emailing the members with the true story of what’s going on at the club.  What has Jack Falcone been saying and why is the Executive Committee so desperate to silence him?

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Club News

Massasoit Gun Club News

Important Update, Annual Meeting has been Cancelled, plus more news

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Video of New Rifle Range being built

We have obtained this video of the new rifle range being built.  Pay careful attention to the foundation and that there does not appear to be anything at all supporting the containers that are holding up the roof…

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Some Information about the Massasoit Gun Club:

The Massasoit Gun Club is a private, members only club in the Riverside section of East Providence, RI.  It has two indoor pistol ranges.  Each range is 10 ports.  One range is 75 feet (called the “new range” or the Baldani range) while the other is 50 feet (called the “old range” or the Sherman range). The 75 foot range was built in the early 2000’s while the 50 foot range is over 60 years old.  It does not have any outdoor facilities.  It does not have any rifle or shotgun ranges.  The annual dues are typically $200 a year.  It has no work requirement.  Unfortunately, the club has fallen on hard times.  Back in 2016 the club borrowed money and spent almost all of it’s money to try to build an indoor rifle range.  This project went horribly wrong.  To find out what went wrong, click here