Lead is a serious problem at the Massasoit Gun Club. A large number of our members have very high blood lead levels. In addition, swipe tests around the club have shown dangerously high lead levels all over the club, including in the clubhouse and on top of the refrigerator.

In response the Lead Committee agreed to have a formal air quality test done to test the effectiveness of the ventilation system. However, the Executive Committee has never done this test.

In addition, the Lead Committee wanted to bring in an expert in range ventilation, but instead the Executive Committee decided to hire VicMir. VicMir admitted that they are not engineers, and have never worked on any other ranges. So, why did the Executive Committee hire VicMir rather than a real expert?

Furthermore, the Lead Committee recommended the purchase of a new specially designed vacuum to clean the range. Instead, the Executive Committee bought a leaky, used vacuum that does not work properly.

Lead can be quite dangerous for the human body. We urge you to have your blood tested for lead, and it is NOT a standard blood test, so you must request it.

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